Friday, 17 February 2012

OOTD: Painting the Town Red

Here is the outfit I wore today to university. I was going more for comfort so decided to go with a cardigan, but just threw on the scarf to make the outfit more interesting and add a little pattern to it. I put these shoes on after I found out I would be going to dinner the evening, so it transformed the outfit from day to night.

Shoes: Random boutique | Scarf: Came with a bag

I decided to tie the ends of the scarf into a knot and wore it in a snood style. To see some of the other scarves I have you can check out my Scarf collection blogpost.

Cardigan: Primark | Jeans: H&M | T-shirt: Primark

Although the place I got these wedges from does not have a website, I have seen similar shaped ones in New Look that have a Brogue pattern on them. 



  1. Oh i'll have to have a look in new look then because I love those wedges. Lovely outfit.

  2. Thank you! I love these wedges too they are perfect for me since i'm pretty tall already so they don't make me look like a giant since the wedge is not overly big! definitely worth having a look fot them!

  3. I always love to match red with black, its like they are soul-mates! You have done justice to both this colors with this outfit.
    Found your blof through pyari beauty's post about TOWIB :)
    Followed you immeditely since I love to see how people put together different outfits.
    Stop by my blog sometime,

  4. thanks for checking out the blog and following! i lovee putting together outfits so you are in luck! :) i will definitely check out your blog too!