Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Scarf Collection

Soooo quite recently I have started to become more interested with scarves and have started to build up an interesting collection of various colours, patterns and textures! So here is the accumulation of scarves I have collected so far!

 I got this scarf when I went to Turkey, from a little stall - I love that the scarf was really thin, so was perfect for the summer to add a little something to my outfits.
 This is another thin scarf that I have, but I got this scarf from a bag I was given as a present, the bag had the scarf looped through these rings on the bag - so I just took it out of the bag used it as a scarf! It has a flowery print, something that I usually wouldn't like but this isn't too over-powering and the colours are easy to wear.
 This is the newest scarf I have bought, I got this one from H&M, and this is quite a heavy duty and thick scarf, so is perfect for the winter.
This scarf and the one below were both bought on sale at Peacocks. I love the colour of the first scarf because it is really easy to wear and the second has a beautiful feathery print and is so colourful and bold!

 This is another scarf that I bought from my trip to Turkey. The polka dot print was something I didn't have yet, so I instantly wanted to get it!
 This thick knit snood was from last winter and I got it on eBay! It is really warm and perfect for winter and the hood on the snood is sooo useful for when it rains.... which is very often! 

This was one of the first scarves I EVER had! this is a pretty basic scarf with more neutral colours so is really easy to wear!
This is another thicker and heavy duty scarf bought from H&M. It has an ombré effect colour on it and a fun leopard print!

Look forward to more scarf posts as I continue to add my collection!

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