Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Quick Tip: Preventing unzipped trousers

Here is a really simple way to prevent the zip on your trousers/jeans opening!

 So all you need is a key-chain ring which needs to be big enough to fit around the button, on the trousers you will use this on. In this case the one I used was about the size of a 10p coin.
 Loop the key-chain ring through the little hole that is at the top of the zip.
 Do your zip up as normal and hook the key-chain ring around the button in your trousers/jeans.
 Then you just button up your jeans, and you are sorted! Your jeans are now safe from opening unexpectedly. 
Here is a look from the inside: 
The loop is around the button and then the button is done up, preventing it from opening!

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  1. i am in love with this concept!! so simple yet so useful!!