Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Matte Nails with a twist

So I saw these beautfiul matte purple nails recently on Pinterest and really wanted to try them! Turns out they from this blog:

So in that blog they have used Essie's Matte About You topcoat for instant matte nails, but since I'm so impatient I decided to try it with something I already had: Purple eye shadow!

I used Rimmel 60 second dry nailpolish in a dark purple shade for both.

So for the first one (I know they are not neat, but I LOVE the texture!) I applied the nailpolish and used a flat eyeshadow brush to dab on the shadow:
For the glitter accent nail, I applied the nailpolish and dipped my whole nail in a jar of glitter, cleaned the excess off the sides ONLY and applied a clear topcoat.

For the second one, I used purple pigment (cheap £1 one from Primark) and the same technique. This one was a bit shimmery as well so it gave different results.

I hope you found this as interesting as I did, there are lots more that I have done and might post them soon too.
Comment below to tell us know what more you would like to see on here :)

Saman x


  1. gorgeous color and amazing idea :D

  2. loving the colouR!! defo going to try this out :)