Monday, 6 February 2012

Primark Haul!

Its been quite a while since we had been to Primark, and looking at their shop window, we thought they had some pretty interesting stuff.
Its always hit 'n miss with Primark and alot of times we have to spend some time looking for some good outfits. Though there is no denying that its always great for basic stuff like t-shirts etc.

So lets start with what Aneesa bought. Four tops, all £3 each! BARGAIN!

pink lace top (sleeveless) with a black collar and gold accents

Light brown hoodie - perfect and cosy

Cropped ink blue knit cardigan with foil design

White sheer top with scalloped peter pan collar and black buttons

I was looking for tops to wear with long skirts (long story, a whole post about that later!) but didn't end up finding anything, so I bought some scarves and other things. I couldn't believe what an amazing collection of scarves they had, I wanted to buy them all! But this is what I ended up buying:

Scarves: £3 each

Since the belt section is right next to the scarves, I got sucked in! (£2 each)

I also bought some accessories (£2.50 each): a hair piece and a ring (set of four):
Now, just to say that I would usually never buy makeup from Primark, mostly because I see people swatching it all over the place and get really put off and also because I feel like its not very good quality. But I saw this eyeshadow palette and bought it because I liked the colours, and it was covered with plastic so I was sure no one had touched the insides of it! (I only swatched it once I got home and started blogging about it)

So the palette has 10 colours. Apart from a very floral and pastel tone, it also has two darker shades which makes it quite versatile. The packaging isn't too bad (I thought I could always use it as a jewellery box if the eyeshadows didn't work out!) with a mirror inside.
The eyeshadows are embedded within a very thin paper-y material, so not that great!)
All that for £2 though!


Top row

Bottom row

We really hope you enjoyed this haul! It is a bit picture heavy but we didn't want to miss anything out!
We have some exciting outfits and posts planned for our blog, so keep checking back for those!

Let us know in the comments below what you liked and what you want to see here in the future.
Also, we would love to see some of YOUR blogs, so feel free to leave your blog link in the comments below or tweet us it! @craponsale and @aneesaaziz

Saman and Aneesa x


  1. Loved this post! You managed to find some really beautiful items! And I am obsessed with those scarves! So pretty!!!

    Great job :)

    The Modern Blog

    1. Thanks Carol! We always have to look hard but find some real gems. I cant wait to use the scarves in some outfit of the day posts.
      Thanks for reading the blog!
      Saman x

  2. Love the scalloped shirt!! As you said Primark is pretty a hit/ miss, but I always find something nice.. especially accessories!:)

    1. Definitely, its great for accessories! :)
      Thanks for reading the blog
      Saman x

  3. Lovely to meet you girlies today! I've got that sheer scalloped blouse in cream and black! xx

    1. Lovely to meet you too :)
      Hmm, we didn't see the black one there, they probably ran out, i would defo wear this in black
      Saman x