Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Beauty Bargains: EyesLipsFace (ELF) Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good bargain. When it comes to makeup and skincare products though, you can't always depend on cheap brands. I have oily/acne prone/sensitive skin that breaks out VERY easily and it is often difficult to find products that would suit my skin well, but when I do find something suitable, I hardly ever change up.
Nowadays we have lots of cheaper makeup brands and some of them are actually good value for money (I would go a little far and say I would even pay a little more for some of them). 
I am starting this series to share some of the best bargains in and value for money products in makeup and beauty products. 

So without further ado, heres my first product.

ELF Tinted moisturiser SPF 15 in Honey (tone 2)

Left: Unblended, slightly blended and fully blended, Right: The tube.

Retails at £1.50
What they say:
SPF 15 formula helps combat premature aging and protects against sun damage while leaving skin radiant and lightly hydrated.
Blend a pearl-sized amount into skin and neck daily.

Net weight: 0.42oz (12g) 

What I say:
First off, its a really small tube (the size of my index finger) and I do wish they did a bigger version of it (I tend to buy 3-4 of these at once!) but truth is, you end up using very little product every time. 
This is amazing for the days when I'm feeling confident about my skin and only need very light coverage to even out my skin tone. The product works best when I use it with a setting/translucent powder. Another favourite thing about it is that it had SPF15, which isn't AMAZING but its still very good to have in a base product, though I try to make sure I am using a light moisturiser underneath with a higher SPF factor.

Another important thing that needs to be addressed here is the range of colours. As far as I remember, they initially had only 4 shades which I think were mostly yellow undertones but they later added more pink undertone colours to the range that seem to be for fairer almost porcelain skin tones.

I have recommended this product to a lot of my friends and family and most of them have repurchased after going through one tube, so its definitely not just me who loves it!

I would love to know your thoughts if you have used this product or other ELF products. What do you think of this series and what are some of YOUR beauty bargains?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @craponsale

Saman x


  1. ELF is a bit of a hit and miss brand for me. Love some of their products, hate others! Haven't tried the tinted moisturisers but the colour is perfect on your skin tone x

    1. I was going to do a post about elf as a whole but there are lots of products that would not recommend either, so i think sticking with individual products was best! Their other foundations/tinted moisturisers didn't work for me as I found them to be too oily, also some of the stuff from the mineral range did't work either. But most of the other products do work for me so far :)
      Saman x

  2. I love this product. I do find it a bit hard to blend at first though but once it's blended in it looks great. :)

    It smells lush as well. x

    1. I apply it like you apply a moisturiser, rub it in my palms are apply it on my face, blends beautifully that way because its so light. Smells like oranges or something :D x