Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Current Obsession: Studs

To me, studs are such a versatile piece of detail as they can not only be used to make a statement, they can also be used subtly to add an exciting feature to otherwise plain items. The versatility of studs means they can be used in a variety of fashion pieces from jackets to jumpers and shoes as well as accessories; so there is something that would fit anyone's style.

Since there are so many different options for incorporating studs into your style; these are some of the ways you can easily add some studs to your outfits for that extra detail and edge.


Jackets are perfect for layering, so you can enhance your look by adding a studded jacket or coat on top of your outfit. The jacket can be worn as the main statement piece, like the studded leather jacket (1) or as an addition to your outfit, like the denim jacket (2).

1: Leather Biker Jacket - Zara
2: Studded Denim Jacket - Windsor 
3: Collarless Studded Sleeve Coat - Warehouse
4: Studded Mac Coat - Lipsy


For the current dismal weather here in London, jumpers are essential and what better way to spruce up a plain old jumper than with, yup you guessed it, STUDS!

1: Knitted Necklace Stud Jumper - Topshop
2: Spiked Drop Shoulder Sweater - Forever21
3: Studded Sweater - Next
4: Nadine Oversized Jumper with Stud detail - Boohoo
5: Cable Knit Sweater with Studs - Zara


1: Agasi Taupe Studded Trainers - Topshop
2: Studded Cowboy Ankle Boot - Zara
3: Studded Loafers - Topshop  - Primark are also selling their version of these for just £10; which can be seen in my previous OOTD here.

Subtle Details:

If you don't feel like going all out on the studded detail, you could opt for things that have a much more subtle incorporation of studs.

1: Sweater with Studded Collar - Zara
2: Studded Neck Swing Top - Topshop
3: Denim shirt with Studded Pocket - Zara
4: Shirt with Studded Collar - Zara
5: Chiffon Blouse - H&M

That seems like enough studs for one blogpost! Hope you got some serious stud inspiration and make sure to check back to see what my next fashion obsession will be.

- Aneesa

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