Thursday, 27 September 2012

I'm loving: Bershka footwear

It all started with someone posting a photo on Instagram of a pair of Bershka studded flats (which I will be posting as part of my wishlist for next month!). I have liked Bershka's footwear in the past but don't own a pair yet. Well, thats clearly about to change because I'm obsessed!
Here are a few of my favourite picks:

Bershka Geometric Heel Pumps

Bershka Platform Detail Pumps

Bershka Polka Dot Peep Toes
Bershka Studded Peep Toes

What high street shoe brands do YOU like? 

Saman x


  1. Love all of them but the polka dot ones are amazing infact they would go perfectly in my new blog post, lol

    Check it out

    1. Haha just saw your post! It definitely fits in there!

  2. im loving all of them :)