Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shoe Crush: Best of Both Worlds

I have been quite addicted to Tumblr lately (check out my tumblr here) and as I was searching through the fashion posts I saw these shoes that I fell in love with!

They are canvas sneakers with a silk screen stiletto print on the side. I love this idea, and since I pretty much wear sneakers all the time, this is a perfect way to incorporate a bit of a more girly aspect to my outfit! 

It is such a unique idea and mixes both the classic stiletto design with the classic canvas pump 

They are called the "Big City Sneaker" and are by Be&D. They can be found on their website and come at the price of $128, which is roughly £80, so they are not exactly cheap but they are pretty much in the same price range as most fashion sneakers, like Nike or Adidas.

I love the blue colour ones and think I could definitely rock these! 
I would love to hear your opinions on them! 

- Aneesa



  2. These are available now in dxb at a new store in Mall of the Emirates -Boom & Mellow from Be&D.