Friday, 30 March 2012

Banana and Avocado Nourishing Hair Mask

Oh the things I do for this blog..
So this hair mask has been going around on Pinterest (not going to put up the picture because I do not know the actual source) and I decided to finally try it.
Now, I have never tried fruit/veg/edible or any kind of hair masks on my hair EVER. So it was an interesting experience.
So lets jump right into it..

You will need

1 Egg (beaten), Half of an avocado, 1 Banana, 2 Tbs of Olive Oil
Mash the banana and avocado to a smooth pulp
Left: Banana and Avocado pulp Right: All the ingredients mixed well together

Important tips!
Important Tips:
o Make sure the paste is very smooth (maybe use a blender), mine was not that smooth and I noticed that I had some bits even after washing my hair (if that happens, just wait for your hair to dry and brush them out)
o DO NOT wash the hair mask out with HOT or WARM water as this will cook the egg in your hair. (LOL)
o I recommend shampooing TWICE just to make sure its all off.

Unnecessary Pictures of the result 

I thought this mask was great, very nourishing. It definitely did make my hair feel thicker (which was what I am always after) and smoother (since my hair is quite frizzy). 
The only bit I didn't like was applying it to my hair. It felt a bit disgusting to be honest, as I have never really applied food to my hair, but I think for the amazing result, I might be able to overlook that.
I think this is worth a shot if you have thin/oily/colour treated/damaged hair.

Please let me know what you think if you try/have already tried this hair mask as I would love to compare the results on different hair types.

Saman x

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