Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Only Way is Blogging (TOWIB)

Pic heavy post alert!!

So headed off to TOWIB yesterday and firstly, if you're not familiar, it is a social event for fashion and beauty bloggers organised by Hayley (better known as London Beauty Queen). It was our first time at such an event and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We loved the tips, Q&A, panel discussion, yummy brownies and scones and ofcourse, the fashion! 

We know a lot of other lovely bloggers who went have already posted lots about it, so just to keep this nice and short, heres a bunch of pictures we took:

You can follow us on twitter if you met us/saw us yesterday but don't know how to get on touch and also if you would like to ask any questions about the event or if you just want to say hello! @craponsale @aneesaaziz

Food, socialising and panel discussion
On our way there 
Brownies and tea
Numera's Outfit

Hayley- London Beauty Queen who organised the lovely event + Scones and cupcakes!
Aisling and Michelle and a close up Aisling's lovely necklace

On our way back home!

 Were you at TOWIB yesterday? Please leave you blog link in the comments below, we always love discovering new blogs! And do tell us what you thought of the event!

Saman and Aneesa x


  1. Heyah :D it was great meeting you guys yesterday! I really like your blog :).

    1. Great meeting you too! I was actually reading though your blog this morning as well. Your product reviews are so helpful! x :)

  2. I was there too. We didn't meet though... not properly anyway. Love your tube photo :)

    1. Ohh sorry we didn't get to meet properly. Definitely next time!! :D
      and thaaanks, the tube was absolutely empty and i just HAD to take a picture!
      Saman xx

  3. Great post, loved both of your outfits xx

    1. Thanks numera <3 ofcourse we loved yours too! :D