Monday, 27 February 2012

Kaboom Collars

These "Kaboom Collars", as the seller on Etsy aptly named them look amazing! I have been drooling over these for the past couple of days, so I thought I should do a blogpost about them.

You have probably seen collars that you can put on top of any outfit, however I loovveee the fact that these have comic book print on them. It makes them so unique and intriguing. I am also a hugggeee superhero fan and soo these would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe!

These collars can be found on Etsy and are sold by Fox Parse. They come in both colour and black and white and at around £10 each, they are not much of a strain on the wallet either!

I am seriously considering buying one (or both) of these! Let me know your opinion about them!



  1. not sure about the coloured one.. but the black and white one looks awesome!!

  2. Yeah I prefer the black and white one too - it would be much easier to put into an outfit whereas the coloured one is MUCH more bold and would be better as a statement piece.

  3. Hello! I'm so glad you love my collars :) I only started making my wares a little while ago and it's amazing to have people on the other side of the world talking about them! Please let me know it's you if you buy them, so I can include a little surprise for you

    - Jess @Foxparse

    1. Thankyou SO much! i dont think we can resist the temptation, you might be hearing from us soon! haha :) x