Friday, 6 January 2012

Bath and Body Works!

Since I had been living in the UK for a couple of years now, I only heard about Bath and Body Works on youtube or read about it on blogs. Its so tempting when someone describes the fragrances on youtube!
Anyway so while visiting Bahrain, I found a B&BW in City Centre mall! I was beyond excited (AND THEY HAD A 50% off- SCORE!) but since I was in a rush, I decided to quickly pick up two fragrances just to try it out (I know there will be a haul next time!)
Ofcourse since I LOVE fresh smells, I got two of those kind.

This is what I got:

(Left to right)
- Carried Away (Coup de foudre)- this smells really lightly vanilla-y and musky at the same time. But I think one of the main notes is Bergamot. This is a travel-sized bottle so great to freshen up after a long flight!

-White Citrus:Citrus Blanc (Fragrance mist)- this smells of citrus..all kinds of it! Although the fragrance is quite light and settles very quickly, I stil really like it!

Please let me know if you liked this post and would like to see more haul-type posts on this blogs in addition to our usual outfits of the day.

Saman x

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